IMF Meeting Day 3

I’m floating today switching interviews on the small studio and an event on the I lab this afternoon If there is open space they make it meeting space here.

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IMF Spring Meeting

Working at the International Monetary Fund’s Spring Meeting this week. Checking out a little entertainment for lunch.

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Open Cab Segraves Getting A Full Make Over

One of Silver Hill’s VFD first Segraves Open Cab Engines is undergoing Rehab at Patriot Fire in Grasonville, Md. The truck was destined for the junk yard but anything that worked like the engine is being rehabbed and anything that did not work is getting replaced. Instead of the junk yard it will become a first class fire engine show piece. Price tag almost $250k.

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Digital Media Films for Non-Profits

We are developing digital media videos for circulation on multiple social media outlets to educate the public about a variety social causes for non-profit organizations. We signed an agreement yesterday with Animals’ Angels to produce a three minute video entitled Mission Possible to educate the public about their mission to investigate and report animal cruelty to livestock including horses. This video will focus on raising funds for the mission of the organization. So in addition to social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Google) the videos will also be placed on fund raising websites like Go Fund Me, Indy-GoGo, etc. We plan to create three versions, one with a specific mission, another with an overall mission and a third which combines the two. This will keep the videos circulating, keep them fresh and increase their shelf-life.

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Face Time with the Pros

Mark Segraves and I did our annual training with College students giving them their first experience doing the live shot and throwing everything at them.

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Wish you were here

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Interview for Documentary on Whales in Captivity

I was hired by a producer from Seattle, Washington to interview Dr. Naomi Rose, a marine biologist from the Animal Warfare Institute to discuss Orca Whalers in captivity such as Sea World. The interview lasted over two hours and was very informative.

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