Mission Possible Just Released to the Public

Please check out KCOMM’s most recent completed video:

Mission Possible


Mission: Possible takes you on an inspiring, fast-paced ride through Animals’ Angels’ recent campaigns and successes. Strap in for a behind-the-scenes look at our exciting investigations that have chalked up major wins for animals! Animals’ Angels has full-time investigators working throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada to improve conditions for farm animals. Don’t miss this chance as we follow them as they risk their lives to improve the lives of animals. We go undercover with them in the field, trailing livestock trucks on highways, and visiting animal markets, auctions, collecting stations, and slaughterhouses. We look at what others want to hide… and shine a light on the darkest deeds. We document their conditions, report observations, and expose animal cruelty to law enforcement, government and the media and hold violators accountable. And it’s paying off… as you’ll see in this exclusive look into the inner workings of Animals’ Angels!

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